Our company produces hand-embroidered curtains in more than two a hundred drawings in order to make more beautiful and comfortable your house. We have curtains made with simple draw out of the threads or embroideries of "ancient stitch" suitable for the modern furnishing, or, for classical houses, we have a variety of perfectly cut out curtains or with filet inserts. The fabrics we use go from the pure flax, to the silk, to the practical flax/Polyester and every article is made to measure and the fabric is chosen by the customer, in white or in ivory.


"Arte e Ricami" makes the table-sets made to measure using pure flax, hemp, cotton, white, ivory and coloured fabrics. The drawing and the different trimmings with which we trim the table-cloths are chosen by the customer. The articles can be personalised with monograms.


"Arte e Ricami" reserves a particular attention to the decoration of the bed. The snow-white flax and the soft silk are the raw materials more used to do sheets, bedspreads and quilt-cover.


Towels with the grandmother lace, bathrobes with embroidered crepe of flax trimmings, bathroom suits with the monogram decoration embroidery, are the creations more frequently requested for a personalised bathroom by the "Arte e Ricami" customers.

Gift ideas

Perfection in the execution of the embroideries and attention in the choice of the fabrics: from our laboratory here a few original ideas for you or an exclusive gift to a dear person. Look them carefully and you will find out the glamour and the fashion of our articles.