Fosdinovo Laboratory
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via Roma, 27 - 54035
Fosdinovo (MS)
tel +39 0585 68251
fax +39 0585 680314
  The crossroad for Fosdinovo is on the Aurelia to kilometer 396, 3 km from the highway payment  stop of Sarzana dell' A12 and to 7 km from that one of Carrara.

From the graft of the state road 446 there be then other 6 km in climb and the road, panoramic and in the middle of the green, keep us in little minute to an altitude of 550 mt, to the top of a a hill where rise the medieval village of Fosdinovo.

From years we operate in this place and in the main road of the country it is possible to visit the show-room with direct selling to the public of all the embroidered creations and where exclusive rights can be ordered to heads on measure.