In a strip of Tuscany in front of the sea, where the eye sweeps to the infinite and meets the Portovenere cape, the Magra last reach, the Capraia and Gorgona islands and the mountainous Corsica outline, protected from the Apuane Alps, Fosdinovo rises. The houses, the roads, the lanes, the imposing Malaspina castle, the monumental churches, make us breathe the air of an authentic feudal village, a forced passage between the Marina and the Lunigiana. The Fosdinovo village already appears in a gift act of 1084, but it is from 1340 that, remaining Spinetta Malaspina the only owner, it become the centre of a big feud.

The castle which dominates the whole village is the best preserved between all those we can find in Lunigiana and the inside has important and curious aspects. Along the principal street of the village there are three monumental churches rich of polychrome marbles and works of art: noteworthy is the Galeotto Malaspina's tomb-stone preserved in the S. Remigio parish church, the major altar in the Rossi's church and the marble white façade, of the SS. Annunziata church.

An extremely positive aspect of the village is given by its enviable geographic position from which we can easily reach some known towns full of history and natural beauties: the famous marble caves of Carrara, the green Lunigiana, the Poets' Gulf , the Garfagnana, the Versilia, etc..