What a trousseau did have to have in 1600?

What we propose you is the transcription of a manuscript dated October 31st, 1670 which lists the pieces of the trousseau of the Genoese noblewoman Cristina Pallavicini about to become the Malaspina marquise.
The document was drafted little time after to the young woman Cristina was communicated by the father she would have gone in bride to the marquis Ippolito Malaspina, a Fosdinovo gentleman.

The manuscript is indecipherable in a few points: we have replaced with some dots the words we are not been able to understand.

· 2 dozens of Holland cloth day-blouses, some with bobbin lace
· 1 dozen of Aras cloth day-blouses
· 1 dozen of Aras cloth night-dresses
· 6 Holland cloth precious aprons
· 4 night-handbags with lace
· 6 nettle cloth "cornettes" ……….with their small snares
· 12 cloth over-socks
· 9 large flax table-clothes
·2 dozens of baptist cloth handkerchiefs with Genoa's lace
·2 dozens of baptist cloth handkerchiefs with English
·2 dozens of baptist cloth handkerchiefs with English lace
·2 "desabigliés" with tailor's dummies and………, one precious apron, two small cushions with cape and night-cap all with the same stitch
·1 Venice stitch neckband with trimming
·1 silver cloth night dress, trimmed with a gold and silver lace
·1 Moela ……..jacket with its small snares
· 1 olive-root box silver trimmed
· 1 big mirror silver  trimmed
· 1 olive box for the hands-cream
· 1 velvet dress
· 1 black and orange dressing gown trimmed with silk lace
· 1 slippers-case  with gold lace
· 1 jerkin with white plumes
· 1 Camelotto jerkin with silver lace
· 2 "ramesettes" trimmed with silver lace
· 1 silver cloth pillow trimmed with handmade gold lace
· 1 Venice stitch scarf
· 1 brocade dress trimmed with silver lace and gold corset