Our company has produced handmade embroideries for two generations. In the course of the years we have created collections which continue and reinterpret the refinement and the taste of the Italian handmade embroidery pursuing a specialisation of the stitches and supporting the birth of teams of work.
To the beginning the activity was impressed to the execution of articles destined exclusively to the trousseau of the bride. Afterwards, we have continued the production of table-cloths, towels, sheets, bedspreads, and  we devoted ourselves to the interior decoration designing further on and realising two a hundred different drawings of curtains and other objects in order to make your home more beautiful and comfortable, as lamp-shades, cushions and centrepieces. In our company, with family management, Rita devotes herself  to the search of the drawings and personally follows the different moments of the embroidery, Roberto is responsible for the marketing.
Our creations are addressed to: - house furniture shops - show-room of curtains - at artisan laboratories that realise articles made to measure - shops of gift goods which wish to have exclusive qualifying articles. 
Visit us in our show room in Sarzana (SP) and here you can see our products and order personalised articles.
Patient work of many able hands, searching of original drawings, use of natural products such as flax, cotton,hemp and silk, the careful control of every phase of the embroidery, make our creations authentic proposals of the Italian tradition of the embroidery.